My thoughts about RailsConf 2019

My thoughts about RailsConf 2019
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I attended RailsConf 2019

Hi all, my employer allowed me to attend RailsConf 2019 in Minneapolis when I received the news I was astonished by the fact that this was going to be my first ever opportunity to attend a Conf.

The travel from FL to MN was smooth as it could be, it was also my first domestic travel by plane which allows me to experience how the process goes, it's different from international travels which were what I have been used to quite a while.

Anyways, when I landed in Minneapolis, everything went nice, I had one day free which I used to rest and walk around to get an idea how is the city, which by the way it is beautiful, full of nice working people and many things to do in public parks or sports events.

RailsConf started

On May 2nd, the conference started, no other way to do so but to hear a lecture from @dhh which welcomed us and motivated us to think and do differently involving new Rubyist (like me) to the community.

Just so you know, if you go to a Conference it is pretty much impossible to attend all the talks that are going one because most of them are at the same time, fortunately, people in charge of those Confs know this and either live stream the talks or record them, this year's Confreaks were in charge or recording and publishing the talks here's the whole first day of RailsConf on YouTube:

@dhh talked about the paradigm of Open Source and Proprietary Software, a nice talk to get an idea of what is going on in terms of how Software is used in a culture.