What have I been doing amid these times?

What have I been doing amid these times?
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During these hard times, I have been working from home, as many of my friends and part of my family. Days go by and I find myself looking at graphs and listening to interviews and experts talking about many different topics, all of them related to this pandemic we are facing.

It so happened that in my country - El Salvador - the decisions were taken surprisingly early and well, we went to complete lockdown early in March and we have been pretty much in something close to shelter in place for everybody that works in a non-essential workplace setting.

My family has been not impacted directly so far and we are all trying our best to follow all the recommendations, all these means I am blessed to be able to work with no extra pressure. So, all in all, I can say I am doing fine; so much so that I decided I wanted to do something about all these and volunteer my work and time on a movement called El Salvador Conectado.

Also, my brother and I are working on finding clients to our business called DevDat to create our own business.

In terms of working from home, I have more than 2 years of experience working from home. I can say confidently that I have all my workplace setup, I know the needs of working at home, I understand the caveats of it, although, it is obvious the environment and the situation is far from ideal to be productive.


I am doing fine, family and work are in place, things are of course weird and hard but right now all that matters is for us to get out of this one healthy. Maybe with one or two projects in progress, with a new idea or a pivot from an existing one.