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Eslint fix my mistakes, thank you ✌

What is it good for? Well, glad you asked a random person. So eslint is a tool for identifying and reporting on patterns found in ECMAScript…

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🏡 How to work remotely

My experience in the tech industry from El Salvador and within the US You might ask why I can advise on this topic, well I worked for a…

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🔥 How to exit node terminal

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What have I been doing amid these times?

Content During these hard times, I have been working from home, as many of my friends and part of my family. Days go by and I find myself…

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What happens when the browser loads a page

Content The process to load a page starts when the browser requests a resource to the server, many different verbs tell the server how it is…

This is me, chilling in a town in El Salvador.

Hi, I'm Eduardo Mejía, Front End Developer from El Salvador, living in the US.

I am from El Salvador. A nice country with a lot of good things in a tiny amount of earth. It's so tiny that you're able to be at the beach in the morning and have a great old town tour at the afternoon, you could even go to a nice mall at night and be back to your place all in one day.

I decided to be a Software Developer because I like the idea to create nice things to make life easier to others, I also was impacted when I realized I could be really good at this just by having a laptop and internet, the fact that a boy from El Salvador can compite with people that was upbrought in a country with different opportunities gave me hope my future was as bright as my imagination.

Fun fact about me, I am a former shortstop baseball player, I even played representing my country for a couple of years, wonderful, amazing, fill with beautiful memories.

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My Working Process

As a Front End developer, the way I craft out great websites is as follows










AgilityFeat, Inc.

FEB '16 - SEP '17 & SEP'18 - CURRENT

Part of the team that created In charge of most of the Front End development of the product. Development was based on agile methodology.


Sep '17 - Sep '18

In charge of the Front End development of TechLatam's web-based projects such as websites and dashboards. Responsible for top-notch web development based on beautiful designs.


UEES - B.S. Systems Engineering

'13 - '18

The most important part of my education is understand that what I learned in the university will be obsolete pretty fast and that we need to continue our education everyday.

ITCA - Associated on Systems Engineering

'10 - '11

Started my web development career, it was crazy, we designed our websites using tables crazy days.

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